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How Cultivating a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Parenting and Your Life

There’s been a lot of talk recently about ‘growth mindset’ as a means through which people can become more successful. Most routinely, it’s discussed in the fields of business, education, and sports though its applications are widely relevant. The concept of the ‘growth mindset’ comes from Carol Dweck, a Psychologist from Stanford University who has […]

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What Kind of Parent Do You Want To Be?

This question can carry enormous weight for people as they move toward parenthood and even more so once it becomes reality. There is immense pressure to ‘perform’ as a parent. For most people, this pressure exists partly by virtue of their own expectations and partly due to messages in social media or from others to […]

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The Work of Grief

When people come to me in grief, they usually come because the pain they carry feels heavy and inescapable. They are carrying around this looming shadow that they don’t know what to do with. They yearn for a sense of normalcy. They want to know the way through grief.  But grief rarely works this way. […]

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Shining Light on Mental Health: Why Celebrities Matter

In Glamour magazine’s April issue, Chrissy Teigen shares her experience of postpartum depression after the birth of her baby girl. In so doing, she joins a growing list of celebrities moms who have courageously divulged their struggles with perinatal mental health issues. Too often, postpartum depression lives in the shadows, hidden by parents who feel […]

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The Price of Postpartum Wellness

Normally, I try to advocate for pursuing avenues of wellness that tend to be free or low cost. We can usually meet most of our needs without having to spend a lot of money, just by putting some thought into it and maybe doing a little planning. But sometimes being creative, proactive, and resourceful can […]

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